Thursday, November 16, 2006

Love, Bourbon Street

Cooooooffffffeeeeeee. *groan*

Any amount of early morning "Why Does My Damn Alarm Go Off So Early?" is worth it. The time I spent in the car yesterday was worth it too. (Total of 5 hours if anyone besides me is counting, but that does include commute time to and from work, as well as the drive to and fromWeHo. - And yes, as an Angeleno, macho boasting about the amount of time I spend in my car is mandatory.) I went to Greg Herren's reading for Love, Bourbon Street last night at A Different Light in WeHo.

Greg read from his essay I Haven't Stopped Dancing Yet. Some of the passages almost
made me teary (some days I am such a girl), especially when he talked
about how New Orleans felt like home to him like no other place. Having
moved around a lot myself, I know what it's like when a nomad finds
home at last.

Greg with writer Dan Boyle.

I haven't seen Dan in a long time, so I was thrilled to run into him at this reading.

Greg with writer Trebor Healey.

I run into Trebor all the time, but I'm always glad to see him.

After the reading, Greg, Trebor, Dan, and I went for drinks and talked for a long time. (Did you know that gin fluoresces in black light? Now you do, and so do I. - Okay, geek moment over.) Poor Dan listened to me go on about my novel in progress - a YA novel - and I didn't ask him a thing about his new book. I promise that
when it comes out, I will go to his reading and talk endlessly about it
though. I don't even know the title. I am such a mean drunk.

I could have talked all night with the guys, but alas, the bell tolls for
me too damn early in the morning. So we said goodnight, exchanged hugs,
and promised to meet up at Saints and Sinners.

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