Saturday, May 06, 2006

Garden of the Perverse

My contributor's copy of Garden of the Perverse came in the mail yesterday. There's nothing as satisfying as having a book in my hands that's partially mine.*

*until I sell one that's all mine

Kate Dominic's Fences or The Story of Prince Rupert the Not-Particularly-Handsome is funny, but also serves as a cautionary tale for people who presume to force their morals on others. In Virgin Ear by Donna Storey, men's cocks give away their secrets to woman with magical hearing. Sharon Wachsler's Sappenschwester is a sharp, funny modern tale of a woman's quest for higher education. Pipe of Thorns by Remittance Girl is a tale of opium dreams and erotic horror.

There are Princesses, ogresses, magical beings, and shapeshifters aplenty through these tales. Most are told in fairy-tale fashion, but there are exceptions. Morals are sometimes openly stated, others are left to your interpretation. (In case it isn't obvious, the moral of She Comes Stars is Be Careful What You Ask For in Your Personals Ad.) With stories by Cynthia Ward, Catherine Lundoff, Lisabet Sarai, Seneca Mayfair, M. Christian and Sage Vivant, you're bound to find a tale perverse enough to suit your tastes.

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