Thursday, May 04, 2006

TV Worth Watching

I'm not a big fan of TV. I got out of the habit of sitting in front of it, so now it seems like such a time vacuum. But, the niecelets were over, and faced with the threat of having to make conversation with me over dinner, they instantly reached for the remote. I feared something girly and was prepared to exercise my arbitrary veto power, but they put on a show called Mythbusters on the Discovery Channel.

The Mythbusters look at an urban myth or a scene from a movie and test to see if it can happen. This is science for show, but they do take a hypothesis, set up an experiment to test it, observe, and report the results. Geek heaven. But it gets better! They blow things up, drop them from incredible heights, and set them on fire -- on purpose!!!! (Taking full safety precautions and 'Don't try this at home blah blah blah') How brilliant is that? I'm hooked.

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Anonymous said...

Mythbusters is totally awesome! I'm hooked to that, too!
I'm also hooked to American Chopper of Paul, Sr., Paul, Jr., and the oxymoron Michael of OCC. :)