Wednesday, May 17, 2006

Saints and Sinners Day 1, Part 1

Friday is the first day of Saints and Sinners. It’s set aside for master classes. If you decide to go, I strongly urge you to go to those as well as the weekend panels.

Aime M. Evans and Toni Amato led a class on revising your work. This class, more than any other, is responsible for my state of exhaustion through the weekend. Amie and Toni made me want to dive right back into my manuscript and work on everything they talked about. I couldn't do that, but that didn't stop me from thinking about changes I wanted to make long after I should have fallen asleep at night.

Radclyffe, of Bold Strokes Books, and Greg Herren led the next session. It's always interesting to hear what editors agree on, and how they differ. Everything comes down to being a professional and paying very close attention to submission guidelines. That can’t be said often enough, because for every time I hear that same advice I also hear a submission horror story from an editor. Greg put it very well when he said "you're sending out a job application for your story."

Between classes, I met with Justine Saracen for a quick burger at Yo Mamas. Her first novel, The 100th Generation, was released that day by Bold Strokes books. I got to be the first person to buy it, and the first person she signed a book for. I met her last year when she was a runner up for the first Project Queer Lit, and it was so exciting to see the progression of her success.

We were a bit late for Steven Saylor's session. I have to be honest in that I didn't learn much, but he was interesting and entertaining, and my brain was still in high gear from the first class, so I’m not sure how much would have sunk in by then.

After that, I rushed back to my hotel, rested for a bit, and then headed out for the much anticipated Welcome Reception hosted by Ambush Magazine. I'll post a seperate entry for that.

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