Sunday, May 07, 2006

Gearing Up for Saints and Sinners

This time, instead of packing for New Orleans twenty minutes before the cab arrives, I thought I'd take care of it days ahead of time. I've gone through my clothes, trying to find a specific pair of pants I want to take. I would ask the SO if he's seen them, but I know what will happen. He'll say, "They're in your closet." I'll say, "No they aren't. I checked three times." Then he'll reach in and the first hanger he'll touch will be the pants. The only thing I hate more than someone who's always right is someone who can prove it while I'm standing there looking like an idiot.

I take notes frantically during the master classes and panels because there's so much going on and so much great information that my brain goes into overload by the second hour. I still refer back to my notes from last year and always find something interesting that I'd forgotten.

I'm going through my writer's lists and forums today to figure out who I've promised to meet. While in NO, I'll go through that charming ritual of staring at people's nametags while I try to match the name with the reason I recognize it. I'm also pouring over the schedule and trying to pick between panels to attend. As usual, for any given time slot there are at least two panels I want to go to.

Last year, I didn't take much time out for music. This year I will. The SO and I have slightly different tastes in jazz, but there are so many places to listen that I'm sure we can find a band we like, a cold drink, and a comfortable table to sit at as we watch the rest of the world wander by.

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