Saturday, June 03, 2006

Getting Back to Work

While I claim I write every day, what I truly do is work on writing - be it business end, creative end, or social side - every day. I haven't been writing - as in creating stories and typing them into my computer - since April.

This happens every year. I get into my reading cycle, which is nice, good, and necessary. I devour stacks of books I purchased months ago but haven't been able to open. But then suddenly it's June and I still can't seem to write, and I start getting antsy.

I don't consider this writer's block. Ideas aren't a problem. I just don't feel like working on the ones I have. Stories hang in my head, waiting for an Aha! moment that won't come. If I force it, I know I'll write crap, so I don't try. The problem is that it IS June, and while I supposedly swore off writing for submission, there are two calls right now that I very much want to submit stories to, and they both have a June 30th deadline. Yikes. Part of me says, "Let it go." Another part says, "Get working, and it will come."

So I'm going to break my TV taboo and watch a couple pre-World Cup friendlies and then go to the bookstore. Indulging my laziness might not solve my problem, but hey, I'm willing to give it a shot.

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