Thursday, June 22, 2006

Googling Myself

Occasionally I'll Google my name, see what's up.

Today's take - some bastard blogger copied my story off Clean Sheets and posted it on her blog. I sent a "cease and desist or pay me my going rate for non-exclusive electronic rights" note. She probably won't answer, and then I'll go after her ISP. Send the electronic goons out to muss her up.

More interesting find though - back in March, some citizen decided to flag my blog for offensive content. Not just mine. Jolie du Pre and Sage Vivant merited a complaint too. The citizen must have flagged it simply for containing the word smut on my description, or maybe because of my links to other erotica writers, because if this fine, upstanding Mrs. Cravitz would have read my entries, s/he would have been hard pressed to find anything smutty. No titillating yarns. I talk about writing porn, but I have yet to post any on my blog. (The story thief mentioned above is one reason why.)

Flagging blogs doesn't really do anything. A friend had works lifted from her blog, and Blogger basically told her "tough, we don't care," and made it damn near impossible to meet their standards for getting the stuff removed. So we tried flagging the blog as a group. A couple hundred of us hit it. It's still there. Like I said, Blogger doesn't care about copyright infringement. Unless I were to post some of their copyrighted material. Then I'm sure I'd hear from them.

So dear concerned citizen, I know you're simply trying to bring an end to first ammendment rights, and maybe shove female writers under burkas, but don't hold your breath for anything to happen, sweetie.


GLBT Promo said...

Wow! I've been flagged? I didn't know this. LOL

Guess I'm moving up in the world. LOL

Kate.Kingsley said...

hhhmmmm, I might have to report you for googling yourself, it sounds filthy....