Friday, June 16, 2006

Note to Self:

You shouldn't go out to drag shows until 1AM Friday morning if you have to leave for work by 6AM.


Unless Edward begs nicely.

(Edward and Ish)

We had a blast in Long Beach last night at Choices, which I think used to be a Hamburger Mary's. Long Beach is one of my favorite towns, and places like this are why. Cher (nice ass), (we think) Rita Hayworth, Janet Jackson, Whitney, Rikky Lake - they were all there. There was also a strange Liza/Judy preformance to MacAuthur Park that had us all saying WTF? with our eyebrows and then, "End already" aloud, but the rest of the show was pretty good. (notable exception - the Ring girl. Another WTF? moment. Friend Em is so The Ring adverse that she had to go hang out on the patio until it was over.)

P.S. to self. Ask Karen if Roller Derby is still on for Saturday night.