Monday, June 05, 2006

Reading This Saturday!

Blog bud Trav sent me this: (and I'm so lazy I'm simply going to copy it)

"Come by Skylight Books this Saturday for my first L.A. reading from my novel,
One of These Things is Not Like the Other, a recent "Lammy" award
winner. I'll be reading with my pal Martin Hyatt, who is in town to promote
his new novel, The Scarecrow's Bible. Edmund White calls it "a stunning first
novel" and Minnie Bruce Pratt "a narrative tour-de-force." Come by Skylight this Saturday to check out how well my homicidal quadruplets go with Marty's Vietnam vet."

I read Scarecrow's Bible on the plane ride back from Saints and Sinners this year, which is kind of funny as I read Trav's book on the way back last year. Must be something in the air!

Both books are by Suspect Thoughts Press - my favorite publishers.

If you're in LA, come out for this. Skylight is a fantastic store, Trav is a sweetie (and a Lammy winner! Whoo-hoo!), Martin's book is a good read, and I'll always say howdy.

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