Wednesday, May 16, 2007

Here's The Quick Summary

I'm still wiped out, but I can always manage a little gossip.

Got into New Orleans Thursday night on the same flight as Ian Philips and Greg Wharton of Suspect Thoughts and James Buchanan, fellow Torquere Press author. Read Origami Striptease on the flight. I'm reviewing it July or August for Erotica Revealed. (Here's a hint - It was fantastic.) Ran into Laura Baumbach of Manlover Romance at the baggage claim. Shared a cab with James Buchanan to the French Quarter. My B&B was Creole House. Not bad, but I was on the third floor (no elevator, narrow steps - no fun with a suitcase). Washed up and went to the reading at the Pelican Club. Met up with Greg Herren, Amie Evan, and Toni Amato. Drank. Smoked. Amie and Toni graciously allowed me to tag along for the evening. They went swimming; I sat there and tried to remember how to make conversation.

Friday morning, hiked over to Cafe du Monde for the big GLBT Promo breakfast. Got to talk to Skian McGuire's lovely friend Julia, Laura Baumbach, and Deanna (I think is her name). We went en mass to check in to the conference and headed for our master classes. Amie and Toni taught a great class about readings (I was very glad the class was packed and they didn't have time to drag all of us up front to read. I was NOT prepared for that.) Went to the characters as plot class and met a few friends I hadn't seen at breakfast. I was ordered to bring pralines home (or else), so I went to my usual shop and got a box, as well as buying a couple t-shirts. Went back to the conference for my last class with Jim Grimsley. And who sat next to me but Timothy State. I got to tell him how much I enjoyed his stories in Love, Bourbon Street. For me, that's one of the best parts of being at Saints and Sinners - the fan part. And sitting in front of us was Aaron Hamburger whose short story collection The View From Stalin's Head I picked up two years ago at SNS, and his novel Faith For Beginners is next in my reading stack (I meant to read it on the plane ride back, but dozed off.) Went to the Ambush Magazine welcome party, which is always fun. Talked more to Ian, Greg H, Greg W, and Timothy. Went to dinner with Timothy.

Next morning, walked around a bit. Caught breakfast (double espresso). It was still early, so I went into the Cabildo Museum. Had the place to myself. Loved the peace. Their orrery was worth the price of admission alone (for a geek girl like me.) Went over to the sister museum to catch the Mardi Gras exhibit. Realized I was late for panels. Rushed over to host hotel. Caught interesting panels. Met up with group for lunch (note to self - if not in Albuquerque, Santa Fe, or LA, don't trust anything billing itself as Mexican food. You are spoiled by the real thing and know the difference.) Went to more panels. Was very sad to see that Parade took out their Arabian couches. Walked around city a bit more, took some pix, went to get ready for the play. Went to the play. Returned to French Quarter around midnight. Went in search of dinner. Ate at Yo Mama's (this is beginning to be a tradition with me). Drank a bit. Walked Jean back to her hotel then walked to mine. 1:30 AM and the air smells like jasmine and Rawhide, across the street from my B&B, is hopping. I'm not. Try to go to sleep, but mind will not shut off until about 4AM. (this is also a SNS tradition for me. I get so many ideas that sleep is impossible)

Sunday morning, in serious search for espresso, end up at same cafe. Go to a few more panels. Run into Justin Chin. Go to Lambda Literary finalists readings, make note to read Justin Chin and Jeff Mann's latest work. Talk some more to Ian and Greg W, and Greg H. Decide they must be seriously sick of me by then. Rush back to hotel to claim luggage, jump in cab, go to airport.

The End.

Now you know why I'm wiped out.


Gavin said...

I love Aaron Hamburger's short stories as well. It was great meeting you.

Gavin Atlas

mattilda bernstein sycamore said...

Oh, this does sound exhausting -- but I'm still ready for more gossip...

Love --