Saturday, May 05, 2007

Why Am I So Exhaused?

I finally broke down and did the most Hollywood of Hollywood things - I had head shots taken. DL King wanted a picture of me for Erotica Revealed (I'm the only reviewer without a picture) and I figured that at some point (hopefully not in the too distant future) I'll need one on the back cover of one of my novels.

I'm not against having my picture taken. It's just that I'm usually the one behind the camera. Not today. A makeup artist named Bonnie did wonders making me look like my best self and not like someone else. I really appreciated that. I was a bit concerned I'd have that over-produced glamour-shots look with tons of makeup - which I rarely wear because I'm allergic to so much of it - but she did an amazing job. We chatted a bit about how her art is changing with all the high definition photography. Interesting stuff. And then she set to work taming my hair.

The photographer is a friend. Otherwise, I would have never been able to afford her. She slipped me into her studio between two shoots. A long day for her - no doubt. We went through the five outfits I brought, picked two, and then set to work.

Oh my god. Keep the shoulders relaxed, stretch the neck, tilt the head, keep your eyes open while you smile. I guess I should have been watching America's Next Top Model for tips. It's not so easy getting into the right pose and it's even harder to do it while appearing natural and relaxed. Every time I moved, the make-up artist rushed in and fixed my hair - usually applying yet more hair gel to keep it under control. I've decided that this it the way to go through life - have someoneconstantly making sure your clothes are just right, your hair is perfect, and your makeup is flawless. On second thought - it would drive me crazy. But I'd look damn good.

I drove home, ate lunch, and promptly fell asleep on the couch. Who knew a three hour photo shoot could be so exhausting. And I didn't even flip my hair or pout! On Monday, I get the proofs. Maybe I'll post one here.

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mattilda bernstein sycamore said...

Oh this sounds exhausting, for sure. Hope the photos turn out well!

Love --