Wednesday, May 23, 2007

How to Have An Incredibly Popular Blog (Without Even Trying)

Hits on my blog have risen to quite pleasing numbers, until I look at the search links that bring readers.

There's the usual Teenage Enema Nurses, Her First Bra, Spanking Daddy, She tied me up and used a dildo on me, and other amusing search strings (usually from mid-Western states early Sunday morning. Hmmm.) but lately about a third of my hits come from people wanting to see the artsy nude picture of Fabio Cannavaro I posted during World Cup. I agree that Fabio is worth a look, but I feel a little guilty that all these, um, sports fans, are coming to my blog and finding only a few posts about football (soccer for you Americans) and a lot of musing about writing. I also get at least one hit a week from some poor soul searching for Ossicats. I must be the number one hit on that search. Breeders of Ossicats are probably furious - mostly because my Cat Tyrant story mentions how expensive Ossicats are, and how I settled for an $18 kitty from a rescue group. (Settled isn't the right word. More like liberated)

Sometimes, I think I ought to delete my World Cup posts so that these football fans don't end up at my blog. Other times, I don't feel so guilty.

So here's my hint on how to get blog traffic - post nude pix of footballers. But not Fabio, please. He's mine.

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