Wednesday, April 26, 2006

Crashing America

I finished reading Crashing America by Katia Noyes this weekend.

It was one of the books I picked up on my San Francisco trip.

Crashing America is about a street kid named Girl from San Francisco in search of her identity and family. Her mother committed suicide years before and her father seems to think of her as an embarrassing inconvenience.

During my fuck-up years, I ran with a couple searchers like Girl. They were great dreamers, but had no focus, ability, or emotional tools to build their futures. Katia has done a great job of capturing the character. Through Girl's roadtrip, I kept thinking, "Yes, seen it, been there." And then the inevitable groan as Girl pinged between bad decisions and the fate she couldn't stop from driving herself towards.

This is an excellent first novel. I hope to see more of Katia's work in the future.

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