Saturday, April 01, 2006


My fetish story Chill is up on ERWA.

Fetish presents a unique problem for an erotica writer. Perhaps it is too fine of a point, but most fetish stories are kink, meaning that the character is, like the reader, aroused by the visual aspect of leather, latex, shoes, etc. but stories rarely show those elements as being necessary for sexual satisfaction. Since true fetish is probably rare, most readers have a hard time connecting an object, scent, or texture to sexual desire. Once the story examines that, you risk losing your reader.

It's hard to make the non-sexual sexually interesting to anyone without that fetish. From the beginning, you're telling a story about sex that probably won't arouse the reader. Knowing that going in, I try to make the story as sensual as possible, but I realize that it's a losing battle.

So why write about fetish? For me, the physical act of sex is nowhere near as interesting as what's going on in the brain. And nothing examines the role of the mind over the body as clearly as extreme fetish.

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