Friday, April 21, 2006

Keeping Ahead of the Curve

I’ve been living off high doses of caffeine, Tylenol, and nicotine for the last two days as I've been trying to outrun a headache. I’ve reached pill saturation level. I absolutely cannot swallow another one. Even now, remembering the smell of the tomato sauce on my dinner last night is almost unbearable. Smoking helps, but afterwards I feel worse. I have so much caffeine in my blood that even though I was exhausted last night it took me hours to fall asleep. Breakfast was three shots of espresso and a migraine pill to jolt me back to a functioning level. Inside my head feels like tornado weather – like the barometer is dropping, the air is getting thick and still, and dark clouds are on the horizon. All I’m asking is to keep ahead of the curve until 7PM tonight. That's only four more hours. I think I can make it. By then, everything I have to get done will be finished, and the storm can hit.


Jolie said...

Caffeine, Tylenol and nicotine? My goodness! I just want to kidnap you, give you some herbal tea and take you to my garden. You poor thing.

Keziah Hill said...

Sounds terrible! I'm with Jolie herbal tea and maybe some accupunture. Hope you feel better soon.