Friday, April 21, 2006

Greg Herren's reading

Getting LA writers together is usually difficult, but when they heard the Greg Herren would be reading from his new book Mardi Gras Mambo, we had a lot of positive responses. Angelinos reserve the right to flake on an invite without cause or apology, and a few did, but A Different Light in West Hollywood was packed for the event.

Kate Dominic, D. Travers Scott, Greg, and I went to dinner before the reading. Greg knew Kate, but not me and I don't think he knew Trav before. It was sweet of him to give us his time. I kept having those fan moments of, "My god, I'm talking to Greg Herren. Too cool!" I'm more than a fan of his writing though. The past two years of his life have been rough. Read his blog for some insight on how bad events come slamming out of nowhere and land right on him. But he keeps getting up and fighting and living and writing. I'm awed by his internal strength.

After dinner, we walked over to A Different Light for the reading and met up with Trebor Healy. The excerpt Greg chose was pretty funny if you've ever rolled your eyes over stupid tourists staggering down Bourbon Street at three in the afternoon. I guess if you've ever been drunk and mugged in the French Quarter you might not find it so hilarious, but I enjoyed it. I learned there's more to throws than I imagined. I promise I will never think of them as just beads again.

I'm dying to get into this book and get reacquainted with Scotty, Frank, and Colin, as well as the whole Bradley family. (I'll review once I've read it.) Writing mysteries is beyond me, but I sure love to read them. Greg wrote this novel pre-Katrina. In the post-K world, this book may leave a lingering bittersweet longing for what once was, but maybe that's another good reason to pick it up.

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