Tuesday, April 18, 2006


If you're a fan of porn, specifically kink or fetish, you've probably seen Fashionistas by John Stagliano. Ah... but have you seen the stage production?

While on vacation in Las Vegas, I meet with kink writer D.L. King over wood fire pizzas at the Venetian. Roll your eyes if you will, but we talked about the business end of writing for a couple hours, so it was a business lunch. We even had the requisite martinis. Can't get much more authentic than that!

D.L mentioned there was a show based on the movie Fashionistas (Had I heard of it? Of course, sweetheart. I own a copy.) and was I interested in seeing it? Being the dedicated erotica writer that I am, I'm always willing to do my research, even if I'm on vacation. A live show based on that movie? I was there! We hiked down to the Aladdin (soon to be remade over into Planet Hollywood - ugh) to their Krave theater and bought our tickets.

Being a dependable reporter, after I drooled over a couple scenes, I whipped out a piece of paper and took brief notes. Very brief. The male and female dancers kept distracting me with flesh. And boots. There was a lot of high-heeled shiny vinyl to enjoy, a scene with some foot worship, and a very hot pair of ballet shoes towards the end.

The dominance/seduction scene was the most incredible stylized sex/dance sequence I've ever seen. Added bonus: right in front of me, two guys in leather fetish gear working their own scene, and on the far end of the stage, two women together. Absolutely amazingly hot.

The "we must increase our bust" dance sequence was so damn funny. The ass sequence that followed didn't do much for me until the female dancers pressed their very nice butts against sheets like body-length dental dams and a male dancer at first bit at the moving targets and then buried his face into the cleft. Whew!!!

We sat in the cheap seats which were close to the stage. It was great, but we missed the acrobats on hoops and other stuff that went on above and behind us, so you might want to spring for the better seats further back.

Every scene had strengths, so it's hard to pick out a favorite. The kitty/pony girls pulling the silver chariot? Nice. The woman in the jester outfit dragging around her gagged boy on a leash? Lovely. The cage coming down from the ceiling with a chained woman in full face mask and killer ballet shoes? It was sensory overload.

The music was incredible too. They had a fantastic drummer augmenting cuts from Evanescence, Madonna, Tool, Lords of Acid, and Crystal Method. The best though was the big dance sequence/bondage scene involving a huge rope spider's web that was performed to Whole Lotta Love by Led Zeppelin. Oh. My. God.

Even if you don't know the story - yes, Fashionistas has a story line - if you like fetish wear, great bodies (no fake breasts that I could tell. Yay!), hot hot hot stylized sex scenes, and incredible dancing, I suggest you check out this show.

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