Thursday, June 29, 2006

This is interesting.

Apparently, I sold a story.

I knew I submitted Chill to Best Women's Erotica 2007. That might sound funny, but several months ago I received a letter from Susie Bright thanking me for a submission that I had no record of in my submissions spreadsheet, no memory of sending, no copy of a cover letter, and no e-mail trail. I'm pretty good about tracking that stuff. At least I was aware of this submission. Violet Blue was enthusiastic about it. I have yet to see an acceptance, or a contract, and yet the Cleis blurb uses a quote from my story. So I guess I'm in. Whoo-hoo. Mailbox money!


Keziah Hill said...

Well that's great! It's a wonderful story.

Anonymous said...

I remember your story, "Chill." Very good, but, well . . chilling. I didn't think Violet Blue liked such edgy material, but the quality of your writing might have won her over. Congratulations.

Jean Roberta