Tuesday, October 03, 2006

A Day Late and 3,000 Words Short

Until I finish my current novel in progress, I've sworn off calls for submissions for short stories. There were two calls I wanted to submit to a couple months ago. I was able to write something for Iridescence (coming soon from Alyson Books) but couldn't for a GBLT science fiction call.

So I'm at this science fiction convention this past weekend, listening to David Brin talk about the screenplay for his fantastic novel Kiln People, when the perfect plot for a GBLT science fiction story pops into my head. Arrrrgh! Why didn't this happen four months ago? It's not as if my idea has anything to do with movies, screenplays, Kiln People, or David Brin. Nope. Completely unrelated. So why, oh why, oh why couldn't I have thought of this sooner?

Actually, I did. One random little thought that made me raise my eyebrow, but nothing came of it. That thought must have been wandering around in the back of my brain collecting images and other ideas like a dust bunny under the bed until it was big enough that it caught my imagination.

Someone, please, put out a call for another GBLT science fiction anthology! I swear I'll submit this one.

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