Tuesday, October 03, 2006


My novel Chaos Magic was accepted by a publisher earlier this week.

I should be ecstatic, but I'm wary. About two years ago, a different novel of mine was accepted by a new imprint of a fairly well known publisher. After contracts were signed, they sent a curt notice that they'd decided not to start the new imprint. (Cue a series of nasty e-mails from them which seemed to blame me for making them buy a book they didn't want in the first place - as if I'd forced them to accept it. I guess the idea there was to demoralize me from taking legal action against them. I didn't, but I have a long memory, which makes for interesting moments at parties where I run into their editors who try to hand me their business cards.) Now it's hard for me to believe anything until I see it happen, so the most I can summon up is cautious joy. Hopefully, as the publishing process progresses, my faith will be renewed.

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