Wednesday, October 18, 2006

My Little Secret is Out

For reasons unfathomable - probably testosterone induced - the SO decided to check over my car before he headed out of town. Did it LOOK like I was hiding a spare cabana boy in the trunk when I threw myself across it and cried out, "I can explain!"

He found my secret stash, damn it.

I promised I'd cut down on my Amazon habit, and I did. I swear I did. But when I go to readings, I have to support friends and the bookstores that provide venues for them. Besides, people give me books. They do. Honest. Complete strangers walk up to me, hand me books, and say, "Oh, you MUST read this." Okay, they aren't really strangers, but some of my friends are completely strange (wouldn't have you any other way, darlings. *mwuah*). I can't explain why I have three copies of Ian Philip's Satyriasis though. Porn amnesia, maybe. Ian worship, probably.

Now the SO knows I'm reading Gay Haiku by Joel Derfner (absolutely wonderful! 10, 36, 36 and 94 are particular favorites) and The Physics of Superheroes by James Kakalios (geek girl glee!). Thank god the he didn't look on top of the pile o'books stacked on the floor near my side of the bed. I dropped another $30 at A Different Light this past weekend for my latest issues of Honcho, Girls Like Us, and Blue's special Cabana Boys expose.

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