Wednesday, October 11, 2006

Iridescence Cover

Editor Jolie du Pre let us have a sneak peek at the cover of Iridescence which is coming out from Alyson sometime this winter. The picture reminds me a bit of Jolie, who is beautiful and smart and so fun to hang out with.

For some reason, my contribution, Tamales, was one of the hardest stories for me to write. The basic idea was good, but I had to twist and turn it over so many ways before I found the right perspective. I can't remember another short story that took that much effort. Hopefully it will flow so well for readers that they won't realize how much polish had to go into it. The first draft of any story is creative, but revision is the craft of writing, and its when I'm cursing and sweating over a piece that I feel like a real writer instead of a hobbyist.

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